Our Story

It started like this: I was craving chilli sauce. But not just any chilli sauce. A thick, bold, textured sauce that I just couldn’t find on the shelf.

I was struck by a memory of my gran in her kitchen, making her own berry jam. The inspiration hit. I was going to get my chilli sauce fix and I’d do it the old-fashioned way – handmade with love, patience and passion.

My daughter, Georgie, was up for the challenge. Together, we hit the kitchen and made our own sambal-style chilli paste. We were hooked. Friends and family couldn’t get enough of it. So we decided to really go for it and experiment with daring new flavours, textures and techniques inspired by my travels through Indonesia, Europe and South America.

Chris Zoeller
Dad, Fermenter & Founder
"Honestly their kimchee is the only one that I’ve ever tried that I can say is legitimately delicious!"
Sarah Cronwright
Happy Customer

Alive with G.Lillies

All our sauces and preserves are ‘living’. The secret lies in a centuries-old preservation technique process called Lacto-fermentation which produces the lactic acid that pickles our raw produce. No artificial flavouring. No colourings. No artificial preservatives. Just natural, nutritional and probiotic-packed flavour bursts that boost your immune system and challenge your senses. Due to the fermentation process, you’ll find flavours will continue to develop the longer they’re stored. We recommend refrigeration and consumption soon after purchase, though we suspect consumption won’t be a problem.

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