A world of flavour

Organic, Vegan  & Fermented. Our artisanal chilli sauces and preserves produce unique flavours that challenge the imagination.

100 % Organic & Vegan

Free from sugar, gluten, preservatives, stabilisers and animal products.

Dynamic Flavours

Natural fermentation and raw ingredients create flavour complexity.

Natural Probiotics

Packed with probiotics and natural micronutrients to improve gut health

Organic, Vegan & Delicious

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Customers Reviews

As an avid chilli enthusiast since my early teens I have tried pretty much every conceivable chilli / hot sauce available and Glillies chilli is quite literally the best chilli that I have ever tasted.
Sarah Cronwright

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My love affair with fermented foods just got a whole lot deeper when I discovered Glillies. It’s well balanced; spicy, crunchy, zingy, tangy, and a pungent like Kimchee should be.
Lilah Byrne
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